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ACCO Innovation Solution

Submission Criteria

The extensive range of products we market through ACCO Brands is geared for consumers – office workers (including the home-office and the mobile worker), students and educators, and artists. Some important things to consider when determining what to submit:

  • We want something that is new, but that is still appealing to our standard customer base. Some key questions you should ask yourself: Will our customers buy it? Will it improve the lives of the people who purchase it? Will people easily understand what it is? We will be considering these questions as well when looking over your idea.
  • Your submission should be different enough that it addresses a need or solves a problem that isn’t addressed by current products in the market. 
  • We are completely focused on product ideas. That’s what we do best. As such, we are not interested in other things beyond consumer products (i.e. business methods, food or software).