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ACCO Innovation Solution

Innovation stories


Recognizing the digital transformation happening in education, accelerated by shifting study-at-home habits from COVID-19, we uncovered an insight about how students were pairing traditional note taking with their mobile devices. After talking to students, we learned how both analog and digital learning was critical in their studying habits and we wanted to support that with the Five Star Study app.

It all starts with the Five Star® unique notebook paper paired with the Five Star Study App. Students can identify important notes by marking the triangle symbols on their Five Star notebook page. The app scans the identified notes, enhances the scan and transforms the notes into digital flashcards. The flashcards are stored in the app, where students can edit and study them from anywhere and at any time.  Our goal was to create a simple and intuitive user experience using cutting-edge technology. It has been exciting seeing the app come to life and impacting our students in a positive way. The stories we hear from students on how this app is creating a friendly and memorable study experience inspire us to continue to bolster the portfolio of Five Star apps and showcase how technology can transform a student’s experience in and out of the classroom.

TruSens™ Air Purifiers

TruSens™ represents an exciting leap forward in home & commercial air quality management that allows customers to truly take control of the air they breathe. The inspiration for TruSens™ stemmed from ACCO Brands’ commitment to innovation and the current societal trend of living a healthier lifestyle and achieving wellness goals. The goal of the TruSens™ brand is to connect with the consumer on a broad wellness platform, reaching the consumer & commercial facilities who are proactively thinking about health and wellbeing. Our differentiation story is rooted on craftmanship, science & technology and simplicity.

SensorPod™ Air Quality Monitor

The average air purifier doesn’t provide feedback or measure air quality to ensure that cleaner air is adequately delivered throughout the room. With the SensorPod™ air quality monitor, there’s no more guessing. Placed across the room from the purifier, the remote SensorPod™ measures air quality readings and transmits data to the air purifier. The air purifier then analyzes the air quality readings and adapts output levels accordingly.

Air Quality Display

As the SensorPod™ transmits data to the purifier, the air quality indicator on the purifier displays changes in air quality levels. The illuminated, color-coded display on the top of the purifier communicates good, moderate or poor air quality and a numeric value provides a greater level of detail.


Our TRU-Beam UV-C system available on pro-seris inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter.