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Innovation stories


Research shows that employees waste an average of about 90 minutes a week looking for those misfiled, misplaced or lost documents. The Rexel® mydox app was co-developed by an ACCO Brands product manager and account manager who submitted their idea through an employee idea submission process. Their concept was created to save employees time, a classic example of new technology enhancing a standard product.

The mydox app is a simple and fast solution to archive, find and retrieve documents. It works with the dox® binder system, created 50 years ago as a document storage system and still used today. The dox premium binder system is mostly sold in Italy. When developing the product, two Italian employees considered the traditional way of filing using the dox binder system and then offered an updated solution.

The resulting mydox app allows users to interact with the traditional binding system, through QR codes. It makes the binders searchable, creates a calendar and to-do list, and is easy to share the information with colleagues.

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Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™ saves hours in front of a shredder

The Stack-and-Shred™ technology was a great innovation, timed perfectly to address two problems: increasing concerns with the large amounts of personal information on paper – financial documents, medical records, sensitive material – and the amount of time required to shred the documents so they would be secure.

Shredding documents is a vital step to ensure security, but it’s a time consuming task that is a hurdle to employee compliance. Although many understood the need for security, people admitted that they were reluctant to take the time it would require to shred the documents they needed to shred.

The arrival of the Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™ Shredder 500X meant that it now required just a fraction of the time to shred hundreds of pieces of paper. Innovative technology allows the user to load a stack of papers, close and lock the lid, and then walk away, saving time and effort, which in turn drives significant savings for businesses.

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