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ACCO Innovation Solution

mydox app

Taking Traditional Binder Filing One Step Further

The mydox app was co-developed by an ACCO Brands product manager and account manager who submitted their idea through an employee idea submission process. Their concept was designed to save employees time, a classic example of new technology enhancing a standard product. It’s a simple and fast solution to archive and retrieve documents. It works with the Rexel® dox® binder system, created 50 years ago as a document storage system. 

Employees have trouble locating lost or misplaced documents. In fact, research shows that employees waste an average of about 90 minutes a week looking for those misfiled documents.

The mydox app allows users to interact with the traditional binder system. Users store documents in the binder system and then use the app to record what is in each binder. There is a unique QR code created for each binder. Using a smart phone or tablet, people can see what is in the binder by scanning the QR code and even create a calendar, to-do list or share the information with colleagues.

The mydox app is unique in that it combines traditional paper binding with a technology add-on. The app is exclusive to the ACCO Brands dox system.

Thanks to the mydox app, consumers can:

  • Find a document without opening the binders;
  • Click on the search button to find where (room, shelf, location) the dox binder or the actual document is located;
  • Discover which dox binder holds each document;
  • Create a to-do list and a calendar;
  • Share the archive with colleagues or access the binder’s archives through a PC or a Mac.

The mydox app, used with the dox binding system, is an easy and immediate solution for finding and retrieving documents. By adding the app enhancement to a traditional binding system, the product more effectively uses available technology to meet the needs of the next generation of document storage.