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ACCO Innovation Solution

Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™

Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™ saves hours in front of a shredder

The Stack-and-Shred™ technology was a great innovation, timed perfectly to address the privacy concerns that were becoming a priority. Threats to business information were not limited to digital data. People were generating large amounts of private information on paper – financial documents, medical records, sensitive material – and what was needed was a quick way to dispose of that paper, securely.

The Problem

Shredding 500 sheets of paper with a traditional shredder took more than 14 minutes, a number arrived at with independent testing by Intertek in June 2012. Shredding documents is a vital step to ensure security, but it’s a time- consuming task that is a hurdle to employee compliance.

Although many understood the need for security, people admitted they were reluctant to take the time it would require to shred the documents they needed to shred.

The Solution

The ability to shred large quantities of papers quickly would be a game changer in the shredding world. When using the Swingline® Stack-and-Shred™ Shredder 500X, the time needed to shred large quantities of documents was reduced to just 14 seconds. As a bonus, users no longer needed to remove staples and paper clips. This innovative technology saves time and effort, which in turn drives significant savings for businesses.

Innovative Technology Used: A patented pressure plate mechanism inside the closed chamber allows paper from the stack to be pushed down so it feeds into the rotating cutter blades below.

Exclusive attributes

The Stack-and-Shred™ technology was a unique market introduction. Suddenly, there were new features to the previous way of shredding. These included the “auto-feed” or “load and leave” feature, the “self-cleaning” cycle function, the ability to accommodate small paper clips and regular staples, the manual feeding slot for shredding up to 10 sheets of paper, and its ease of use.


1. Time Savings: Users saved up to a staggering 98 percent of time that is traditionally spent at the shredder.

2. Cost Savings: Businesses saved 65 percent or more over shredding services and 90 percent over manual shredders.

3. High Security: Once confidential information is placed in the auto feed chamber, a four-digit custom PIN code ensures that only the original user can retrieve unshredded documents.

In Summary

Swingline®'s Stack-and-Shred™ shredders offer hands' free shredding. Paper is simply loaded into the shredder, the lid is closed, and the machine does the rest. With its "STACK. SHUT. DONE." technology features, consumers do not waste time standing at a shredder feeding paper in batches.