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ACCO Innovation Solution

Submitting Ideas

We welcome your idea and want to hear all about it! Some of the best ideas for improving your home, office or school life are inspired by your own experience. What products can make things work better for you in those areas? Think of how to make life simpler or more efficient, and share those ideas with us. The world needs ideas like yours, and our expertise will make sure your product gets into the hands of consumers who want it.

An idea with the best chance of success is well-researched, clearly presented and something that ACCO Brands determines can be built with modern technology,

When submitting your idea, please send only non-confidential information. We don't want to breach any confidentality abligations. If we get to the point where confidentiality information is required, we will send a separate Confidential Disclosure Agreement prior to discussing any more information.

We wanted to make the submission process easy for you and invite you to share. It goes like this:

First, explore challenges and wants
Then, review the criteria for submitting your idea
Next, follow the instructions for submitting an idea. You will need to include:
  • Contact Info
  • Electronic signature
  • Idea summary (elevator pitch)
  • More detailed description
  • Multi-media uploads (Images/video, etc.)