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ACCO Innovation Solution

Submission Guidelines

It is a privilege for us to read through all the creative ideas we receive. Before we can push ideas through the formal review process, though, we have to be sure all ideas meet the following requirements.

You own the idea

It’s your idea, your images, and you have the exclusive rights to submit it to ACCO Brands. You agree not to submit someone else’s ideas or images. Even if someone else gives you permission to use their material, you agree not to upload images or ideas that belong to someone else. If you want someone else’s idea to go forward, please ask the other person to submit it.

Your idea is original

ACCO Brands is looking for completely new, never-been-seen before ideas.  We don’t want to make products that already exist. Ideas won’t go forward if any of the following are true about it:

— The idea is pretty much being sold already.
— There are products in the marketplace that already solve the problem.
— The idea has a previously published patent or public disclosure or we already have plans to develop a product solving that problem.
— The concept is good, but it doesn’t differentiate itself enough to compete in an already saturated market.
— While the idea combines different existing features together, there is no clear benefit to making such a combination.

We can’t stress enough – your idea must be one-of-a kind! Look online for existing patents, products and concepts for repetition before submitting your idea.

Don’t submit confidential information or documents.

Your idea is appropriate

ACCO Brands has company values that define the types of products we produce and distribute. We will not consider an idea that does not fit those values. Specifically, we don’t want anything that includes:

  • Political symbols
  • References to religion, including symbols, buildings, or people
  • Sex, drugs, or smoking, swearing, references to death and other macabre symbols
  • Racism, bullying, or cruelty to animals
  • Ideas that conflict with policies, procedures and decisions made by the ACCO Brands team.