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ACCO Innovation Solution

Timing and Compensation

ACCO Brands has a policy that does not allow ACCO Brands or its employees to accept any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, product concepts, etc. on a confidential basis, or to agree to hold in confidence. In addition, ACCO Brands cannot agree to provide any compensation for any such unsolicited submissions. 

This policy is intended to avoid any misunderstandings if either of the following take place:

  • ACCO Brands decides to use customer suggestions or ideas to improve its products or services, or

  • New ACCO Brands products or services developed independently by ACCO Brands include features or improvements that were also suggested by a non-employee.

Due to the volume of unsolicited customer ideas we receive, ACCO Brands hopes you can understand that we cannot acknowledge or respond to each. So although your submission is appreciated, you may not hear back from ACCO Brands.